Atom CedarView M, D Release Date

CedarView M and CedarView D Intel Atom processors are all set to be rolled out to the OEMs, but due to a nasty driver issue, its release date has been pushed back to November month. This 32nm processor is having some trouble in meeting the certification that is required for Windows 7 to run.


CedarView processors will be the first Atom processors that will allow you to use 4GB DDR3 RAM as its chipset incorporates 64Bit Single-Channel DDR3-800 / 1067MHz memory controller. There is a very high possibility that you will see Atom powered netbooks with two memory slots. Right now, many AMD Fusion powered netbooks like Asus 1215b and Vaio YB allow you to use 4GB RAM.


Folks at notebook news have done some benchmarks of CedarView Atom N2800. Check it out as well.

[via fudzilla]


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