Atom Bay Trail vs Clover Trail

Next generation Atom processors, Bay Trail for netbooks and tablets will be made available to the manufactures in 2014. These chips will bring quad core goodness and will generate more power than the current Clover trail Atom processors. Here are the differences between Atom Bay Trail and Clover Trail (based on the leaked slide): Check out Atom S1220, S1240, S1260 Specs.

atom bay trail

* Video battery life: 9h vs 11h (Clover vs Bay)
* Standby battery life: 30 days vs 20 days
* Skin Temp: 15 centigrade vs 15 centigrade
* OS Coverage: 32 bit windows 8
* Cores: 2 vs 4
* Threads: 4 vs 4
* Process: 32nm vs 22nm
* Graphics: DX 9.3 vs DX 11

Tablets using Clovertrail processors:
-> HP X2
-> LG H160

The features of Bay trail include all features of clover trail plus enhanced security, compute continuum, better active battery runtimes, better CPU and GPU performance (thanks to DirectX 11) and new architecture. It will be more efficient as it will be made using 22nm manufacturing process which is the same process that is used to manufacture Ivy bridge processors. Bay Trail will also support resolution as high as 2560 x 1600.
Check out benchmark of Atom Z2760, a clovertrail processor.

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