AMD E1 1500, E2 2000 Specs

Intel is all set to release a slew of new Celeron and Pentium processors, but looks like AMD is already set to take over them with their new AMD E1 1500 and E2 2000 processors. First, let us talk about E2 2000. It is a dual core processor that runs at a frequency of 1.75GHz that is accompanied by an integrated AMD Radeon HD 7340 that operates at 523MHz (overclocks to 680MHz under turbo mode). E2 2000 has TDP of 18 watts which makes it ideal for netbooks and ultra light laptops.

AMD E1 1500

Now, about E1 1500, which will replace E1 1200 processor. The E1 1200 runs at 1.48GHz processor; has 1MB L2 cache; has full 64 bit support. However, since it is still being made using 40nm manufacturing technology, do not expect it offer you great battery runtimes. Graphics on E2 2000 are handled by AMD Radeon HD 7310 that offers 80 shaders and UVD3 video processor. Check out AMD A6 4455m benchmark.


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