Macbook Air / Pro 2011 and Snow Leopard

Both Macbook Air and Macbook Pro released this year came with Mac OS X Lion operating system. The Lion OS bought significant improvements over the previous version, that is, Mac OS X Snow Leopard. However, it also took away one major feature that certain users will still loving – the ability to run Power PC (PPC) apps. So, you should be able to add that feature by just grabbing a copy of Snow Leopard (SL) and then simly install it on your Apple notebook or iMac, right? Wrong. However, there is still a way. Read on to find out.

Macbook air pro 2011 snow leopard

If you try installing the Snow Leopard over Mac OS X Lion, it will refuse to install and even if it is forced on to the disc, it will give you kernel panics upon boot. Reason? Apple prevents its Macs from running older versions of OS X. That is why, Snow Leopard would not run.

However, the Parallels Desktop lets you install Snow Leopard Server. So grab (discounted) a copy of it and install it. After that, all you need to do is download a copy of Snow Leopard Server. You can either buy it from online shopping sites or from download them from you-know-where.

Just install under Parallels. If you have 4GB RAM, give it around 1.5-2GB RAM, 128MB VRAM, and two processors. It will take up 11GB storage and the installation process will take ~1 hour. After that, you will be able to run Power PC apps or anything that would not run nice on OS X Lion.

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