Comparison: Macbook Air 2013 vs 2012 Gaming Performance

Few days back, Apple rolled out new Macbook Air and we too bought one for testing. The first impressions are not too great even though it packs the new and much improved Intel HD 5000 graphics. This is chiefly due to the poor Windows drivers. We were able to get mere 21 FPS in the OpenGL in Cinebench 11.5 benchmark test.

Macbook Air 2013 vs 2012

In comparison, the previous year Macbook Air 2012 with Core i7 3667U processor got 22.6 FPS. That said, we all know HD 5000 > HD 4000 and games like FarCry 3 would easily run at more than 35 FPS on HD 5000. For the record, the HD 4000 handled the game at 25 FPS.

FPS on Battlefield 3 on HD 4000 was around 8-15 (max), but it runs just fine on HD 5000.

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