Apple Macbook Air 2013 Disassembly Guide

Folks at iFixit have taken apart the new Macbook Air 13 inch 2013 that was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Some really notable changes can be found under the hood. For example, the new Samsung SSD module is smaller than the previous Toshiba SSD module. This also implies that previous gen’s third party SSD upgrades will no longer be compatible with the new Macbook Air.

Macbook Air 2013 SSD benchmark

Folks at anandtech were able to conduct some read and write speed benchmark tests of the new Macbook Air 2013 model and they were able to get 800 MB/s read and write speeds. The tests were done the 256GB model. The maximum write speed achieved by the quickbench benchmark software was 751.489 MB/s.

Macbook Air 2013 SSD benchmark

Macbook Air 2013 Battery Life

macbook air 2013 review

The new Macbook Air also packs a bigger battery inside. That is why Apple claimed 12 hours of battery life for the 13 inch model even though it yields higher performance than 2012 model. The battery capacity increased from 6700mAh (2012 model) to 7150 mAh (2013 model). [ifixit link]

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