Incipio Feather for Macbook Air Review

Incipio makes amazing cases for the Apple notebooks and tablets. Recently, they launched Feature hard shell case for the Macbook Air 2010 and 2011 series and it is really beautiful. In fact, this Macbook Air case is so good looking that it will grab a lot of attention from other people. Read the review to find more about it.

Incipio feather macbook air review

Apple aluminum notebooks look great, but get scratched easily.  That is why we always recommend getting a case for it. While there are cases like PDAir Macbook Air 2011 cases, they always take away that coolness away from the notebook due to the bulk and thickness they add to the overall profile.

Incipio macbook case review 2011

On the other hand, if you get a skin like Gelaskins for Macbook Air, you are jeopardizing your Apple notebook in the protection department. That is why we think Incipio Feature provides the best of both worlds – it adds good looks and protection at the same time. Someone at macrumors’ forum has posted his review of it and is fairly impressed with it.

Best macbook air 2011 case

This Macbook Air case fits the notebook like a charm. It is very lightweight and has a soft texture on its surface which is made from rubber. The best part about is the fact that you need not remove the case even when you are using the notebook. All the ports are properly exposed, including the Magsafe connector which is often blocked when using certain cases.

Macbook air 2011 incipio review

Build quality is said to be excellent and the case does not gets in the way when using the Macbook Air. One thing to note though – it hides the magnificent Apple logo. If that does not bothers you, we whole heartedly recommend getting this case. In fact, it is best Macbook Air case you can buy.

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