Belkin Loft for Macbook Pro

There are lot of Macbook stands out there, and here is very simple, yet practical one for it. It is from Belkin and it looks wonderful – just as your shiny Macbook Pro. It is priced at 60 dollars and is meant for one thing – raise your laptop so that it aligns perfectly with your second monitor.

Belkin Loft Macbook Pro review

Second scenario can be using it with the Apple Wireless keyboard. The Belkin Loft is made with similar looking metal, and looks like something Steve Jobs would have made. It has cable management ring to keep your desk tidy. The Macbook Pro or Air sits in a downward sloping angle and Loft’s rubber grip keep is secure in its place.

Belkin Loft for Macbook Pro review

The angle is, unfortunately not adjustable and it costs 60 dollars, which is too much for a stand.

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