2013 SurfacePad for Macbook Air, Pro

SurfacePad is one of the earliest accessories of Twelve South and it has been redesigned for the 2013 Macbook Pro and Air laptops. The new SurfacePad fits both variants of Macbook Air (11” and 13”) as well as 13” and 15” Macbook Pros. The Retina Apple Macbook Pro notebooks are not supported.

2013 SurfacePad review

This updated Macbook accessory is slimmer than before and is now a single rectangle of napa leather. It has adhesive holding to keep it in its place. You have to be very careful in applying it though. Available in two colors, red and black, it costs 30 dollars – $10 less than its previous version.

2013 SurfacePad macbook pro air review

So, why exactly there is no SurfacePad for the retina models. Well, Twelve South says that tolerances are too tight to accommodate it. 

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