Ubuntu Port for Rockchip RK3066

Couple of developers are working hard to port Ubuntu to the new Rockchip CPU, the RK3066. Right now, the port is kind of in closed alpha stage and is not meant for public release. That said, they were able to get the WiFi working along with bluetooth and USB. HDMI works and they were able to output full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution via HDMI.

ubuntu port rockchip rk3066

Unfortunately, there are still bucketful of bugs to sort out such as slow USB rate; CPU running at top clock speed all the time;  unreliable WiFi and so on. We reviewed Rockchip RK3066 few days back and were quite happy with its performance. Once the port is done, users will have the choice to run a desktop OS on their tablets and TV dongles (UG802 and MK802 III)that come with this very CPU.

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