Ubuntu 12.04 Review (on Netbook)

Ubuntu 12.04 is the biggest ever LTS release from Canonical and to most of us, just like before, it is a nice ‘second’ operating system on my notebooks and netbooks. But that does not mean that one shall not give this OS a shot. It is very capable of getting the work done. Read this review to find out more about it.

Ubuntu 12 04 netbook review

New features in this 12.04 LTS release:

1) Dashboard: The 12.04 sports a new dashboard, which is much more cleaner and easier to use. You can open it by hitting the Windows key or clicking the icon. After that, you can move between the icons by tapping the arrow keys on the keyboard or by typing the first few letters of the application / setting you want to open.

2) New Video section: Under the video tab, you can now search for the video and Ubuntu will now pull up results from the Ubuntu One store. It also searches the local content. Nifty.

3) Quicklists: Dashboard has got its own quick list, which allows you to jump to the category you want to search quickly. I was quite happy to see that the Home folder now as new Quicklist. Now, you can right click on an icon and jump to folders you bookmarked before.

4) HUD: Heads Up Display is the one of the most talked about features in the Ubuntu 12.04 release. The highlight of this new system is that the new users do not need to hunt for any menus any more. Oh, and existing menus exist as-well-as the shortcut keys.

Installation: Installation should be straight forward if you have installed Linux Mint or Ubuntu earlier. I installed on it my Atom netbook (Asus X101h running Windows 7) pretty easily and it took around 10 minutes to complete the installation. Awesome. Impressed.

I do advice the users to reduce the icon size of the dock to increase the number of usable pixels on the netbook.

Performance: The netbook took around 40 seconds to boot to desktop which is quite good for a machine with Atom N455 CPU, 2GB RAM and 160GB 5400rpm hard disk. Apps launched pretty quickly – in 4-5 seconds. If you have a machine with 2GB or more, I suggest minimizing them instead of closing them.

What I would like to see? Better driver and multi monitor support. The last part is something that can be fixed by Canonical. I plugged my netbook using VGA cable to my HD monitor and it turned blank. Plain irritating.

Verdict – I recommend everyone to give the Ubuntu as try. Keep in mind that not having to deal with viruses is a huge plus for a non-geeky person. Plug-and-play and app stores are also of great advantage for less tech savy.

Also to get upgrades for years to come without any additional cost or the cost to upgrade the hardware will save a good deal of money in the long run. Get the Ubuntu from here.

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