Waterfield iPhone 5 Cases: Wallet, Smart Case, Suede Jacket, Hint

WaterField Designs has released four cases designed for the iPhone 5. Let us start with the Wallet case. This US-produced case is designed to keep your iPhone in your wallet. This is for those who hate taking two separate items. Just make sure you do not keep it in your back pocket. Costs 40 dollars.


Smart Case for iPhone 5: If you like to use your phone without any case but want to protect when you carry it around, this is the case for you. iPhone simply slips in it and it protects your iPhone’s screen from getting damaged, thanks to its multi layer padding.

iPhone Smart Case

While it would not provide Otterbox Defender type protection, it does gets the job done. iPhone 5 Otterbox Defender Review

iPhone 5 Suede Jacket: If you love simple slip in cases made of high quality leather, then you will absolutely love the Suede jacket sleeve. Costs 10 dollars.
iPhone 5 Suede Jacket

iPhone Hint: While we love the aforementioned cases from WaterField, we find “Hint” rather ridiculous. They say people who carry a ‘couple of bills’ with them and an iPhone will like it. Oh, and they want $25 for it. That is not even funny.
iPhone Hint
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