Slim Armor S for iPhone 5 Review

The new Spigen Slim Armor S is slimmer than the original Slim Armor S case. It is not only slimmer but also more protective with more advanced shock absorption technology. It also does a great job in showing off the sleek and slender lines of the iPhone 5’s design. This lets you enjoy your iPhone 5 they way Apple wants to enjoy.

Slim Armor S iphone 5 review

I had a big problem with the previous Slim Armor case. Whenever I used the slim armor case, I noticed signal loss. The new Slim Armor S does not exhibit this problem, but it has its share of problems too. For example, it sits absolutely flush with the front of the iPhone. You would not want your phone to drop it face down.

Slim Armor S for iPhone 5 Review

Also, the new one is not any slimmer at all. Check our the above pic.

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