iPhone 5: Belkin Shield Sheer Case Review

The Apple iPhone 5 has gorgeous looks but it is quite difficult to keep it in pristine condition if you are a careless person like me. Belkin makes few cases that protect the scratch-prone sides and back of the phone while not damaging the looks of the iPhone 5. The Belkin Shield Sheer case for iPhone 5 is very light weight but is not flimsy at all.

iPhone-5-Belkin-Shield-Sheer review

I got the clear one as that goes nice with the my white iPhone 5. The case is made using high quality polycarbonate material and has a smoky look to it, which does a great job in showing off the good looks of the phone.


The Shield Sheer provides full access to all the ports and buttons, which is important for a case. I personally do not like case that block charging / syncing port at the bottom and headphone jack, so I am happy with its design.


The polycarbonate is really tough and does not feels flimsy at all. It definitely does the job in protecting the back and sides from getting damaged or scratched from everyday use. You can buy it for just $30.99 from mobilefun.co.uk.

Find the right iPhone 5 case for your needs.

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