David Ferrer Galaxy S4 Tweet sent from iPhone

David Ferrer, a very popular tennis player tweeted today about how much S Health feature of his shiny new Galaxy S4 is helping his training. Great message right? The only problem is that the Ferrer sent that tweet from iPhone. The tweet was in Spanish and had two hashtags, 1 mention.

David Ferrer Galaxy S4 Tweet

See – if you want to promote something, do it nicely. After all, you have been given bucketful of cash. Also, do not be a lazy bum. Get a laptop and send it from ‘web’ or desktop client to avoid embarrassment of this level. Ferrer quickly took the tweet down, but we took screen grab of it.

David Ferrer galaxy s4

On another note, Samsung should have given be a Galaxy S4. Too bad, it lags big deal, so David just used his iPhone to tweet it.

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