Best iPhone 5 bumper: Draco Bumper review

There is a new case for the new iPhone 5 almost everyday or so. Today, we are going to review aluminum bumper that is made to turn heads. The bumper is from a Japanese company called Draco Designs and they have been churning out metal bumper for the different iPhone for few years already.


The curves and lines of this Draco bumper case for the iPhone 5 are gorgeous and complement the simple, yet modern design of the new iPhone. In fact, it even looks better than the Draco Galaxy S3 bumper that we reviewed sometime back. It is the best way to make your iPhone 5 different from other iPhones out there.


The Draco iPhone 5 provides protection to the scratch-prone sides and at the same time, makes the phone sits higher. This allows you to place your phone on a surface without worrying about getting its front or back scratched.

The case is designed in such a way that the metal bumper does not interferes with the signals. All other aluminum cases I have tested so far always reduce the Wi-Fi or cellular signals. Draco case did not interfere with any of the connectivity radios.


The Draco case includes push-through buttons for power, volume buttons and mute switch which work perfectly. The installation of the case took me less than 3 minutes. After the installation, the entire phone felt like one solid unit. There was no flex whatsoever. Very, very high quality.


My phone did become slightly heavier but was still very comfortable in my hands. My iPhone 5 is no longer slippery too.

Verdict – The best iPhone 5 case (and most good-looking) out there. Hands down.
You can buy it for 54.95 pounds from mobilefun’s website.  Check out their amazing iPhone 5 cover collection as well.

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