Tegra 3 vs Tegra 2 vs Apple A5 BenchMark

Nvidia Tegra 3 is going to be used myriad of upcoming tablets, including Asus Transformer Prime (also know as Asus TF201) and Lenovo LePad K2. The K2 tablet is already available in Germany and our friends were lucky enough to benchmark this tablet against the Apple A5 processor. They used GLBenchmark 2.1 for performing benchmarks and ran the PRO Offscreen 720 test. Read more to see the results.


Tegra 3 got 82.6 FPS; Tegra 2 scored 42.4 FPS and Apple A5 (being used in iPad 2) got 150.1 FPS. Even the iPhone 4s that uses an under clocked Apple A5 got 122.7 FPS.

tegra 3 vs 2 a5

In the Egypt Offscreen test, here were the results:

* Tegra 3: 82.6 FPS
* Tegra 2: 42.4 FPS
* Apple A5: 88.8 FPS

It is being said that the GLBenchmark is very optimized for iOS devices, but not so much for the bucketful of Android devices running on Tegra 3 hardware. The FPS should improve a bit once an optimized version is available. Next year is going to be a great year for tablets when Nvidia Tegra 3 tablets from HTC, Acer and Lenovo will hit the market shelves

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