Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini Benchmark

iPad Mini sure is selling like hotcakes, but the tablet that made 7 inch tablets popular is not Mini, but Nexus 7 tablet. Both tablets look amazing and pack quite a lot of power under their thin shells. So, how do they perform in our benchmark tests? Read more to find out.

Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini

Benchmark	Mini	Nexus 7
Browsermark	122053	123434
Sunspider	1481	1673
Geekbench	752	1379
GL Bench 2.5	25FPS	14FPS

As you can see the iPad Mini beat Nexus 7 in Browsermark (higher score is better), Sunspider (lower score is better) and GL Benchmark 2.5 (higher score is better). Only in the Geekbench benchmark, the tegra 3 powered  Nexus 7 beat the iPad Mini and that too by huge margin (1379 vs 752).

Personally, I would still take any Android tablet over iPad Mini as there are just way too many limitation on the iOS platform (to name a few – Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth file transfer, micro SD card support, USB mass storage mode, true multitasking and so on). Heck, even a Windows RT tablet like Surface RT is way better than iPad Mini.


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