Logitech IK0772 is a Keyboard Case for iPad mini 4

Logitech IK0772 has been launched in Japan. This is a keyboard case for the Apple iPad Mini 4 tablet. Read iPad 3g review here. Priced at 12880 Japanese Yen, it features typical 59 keys with English layout key structure. Key pitch is about 16mm and key store measuring 1.5mm. Body size of Logitech IK0772 is 208 × 18.2 × 145mm (width × depth × height) and weighs 277 grams.
Logitech IK0772

Logitech IK0772 has a built in battery that can go for around six months with moderate usage. It manages this by going to sleep when not being used. It connects to your Apple iPad Mini 4 using Bluetooth connection.

Logitech IK0772 is a Keyboard Case for iPad mini 4

If you are not using its keyboard, then you can use Logitech IK0772 as a stand which makes it great for watching videos or just surfing the Internet. It can be folded backwards, completely hiding the keyboard. You can fold it back and Logitech IK0772 will do a great job in protecting the scratch-prone back and fragile front display of iPad Mini 4 tablet.

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