Plextor PX-128M6V PX-256M6V PX-512M6V released in Japan

Plextor Taiwan has released a trio of solid state drives in Japan. These SSDs are a part of their new M6V series with 6Gbps SATA connection. Model names are PX-128M6V (128GB), PX-256M6V (256GB) and PX-512M6V (512GB). All are available for 6,980 yen, 11,580 yen and 32,180 yen respectively.

Plextor PX-128M6V PX-256M6V PX-512M6V

Maximum lead speed sequential in all models is 535MB / sec but maximum write speed depends on capacity. For instance, for 128GB model is 170MB / sec, 256GB model is 335MB / sec, 512GB model is 445MB / sec.

Plextor PX-128M6V PX-256M6V PX-512M6V japan

4K random access performance for PX-128M6V 128GB model is 81000 IOPS while for PX-256M6V and PX-512M6V, it is 83,000IOPS and 42,000IOPS. Body size is 100 × 69.85 × 6.8mm (width × depth × height) and weighs 70 grams. Model number of the mounting controller is unknown.

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