Adata Premier Pro SP310 SSD

Adata, one of the most popular SSD vendors has released Premier Pro SP310 solid state drive. It support Intel Smart Response Technology which allows the SSD to be used as cache along with traditional hard disk drive. This gives you hybrid configuration. This is how it looks like.

Premier Pro SP310 SSD review

Premier Pro SP310 allows faster read and write speeds, offering  up to 410 and 180 MB / sec respectively and random write speeds of 45,000 4K IOPS. It will come in 32, 64 or 128 Gigabytes capacities.
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Other supported features includes support for NCQ commands and SMART technology, in addition to the TRIM command support. With a warranty of 3 years, the SP310 ensures a worry-free operation for a lot of years to come. Premier Pro SP310 SSD will be sold through select retailers and distributors suggest, it will retail at an average price of € 44.99 for 32GB, € 72.99 for 64GB and € 121.99 for 128GB respectively.

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