Nvidia GTX780, GTX770, GTX760Ti Specs

Specs of upcoming GPUs from Nvidia, namely GTX780, GTX770 and GTX760Ti have been leaked. These new graphic cards will be based on the GK110 video chip and will be consumer version of K20C (Tesla). Nvidia will be calling the Titan LE as GTX 780. Nvidia GTX780, GTX770, GTX760Ti specifications are given below.

GTX780, GTX770, GTX760Ti Specs

Name  GTX Titan GTX 780 GTX 770        GTX 760 Ti
GPU    GK110    GK110    GK104-425    GK104-225
CUDA-cores 2688    2496    1536        1344
TMUs    224    208    128        112
ROPs    48    40    32        32
GDDR5    6 GB    5 GB    4 GB        2 GB
Interface 384    320    256        256
Price    999 USD    499 tot 599 USD    399 USD    299 USD
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Nvidia GTX780, GTX770, GTX760Ti Specs

The new Titan LE graphic card will feature 2495 CUDA cores and 5GB GDDR5 RAM. Our leak claims that the GTX 780 GPU will be released in late May and will be priced between 499-599 dollars.


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