Nvidia GTX 780M, 770M, 765M Benchmark

We spotted Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M, 770M, 765M GPUs on Alienware, MSI and Asus laptops few days back, but until now they were not not made official. Today, the company not only made these GPUs official, but also published a very detailed article highlighting their benchmark scores.

Nvidia GTX 780M, 770M benchmark

As you can see, the GeForce GTX 780M is basically a rehash of GeForce GTX 680MX GPU which was unique to Apple iMac all in ones. The GTX 770M is a rehash of GTX 670MX but with higher clock rate. The GTX 765M is also similar to 770M but has lower number of CUDA cores.

Nvidia GTX 765M benchmark

All the benchmarks were conducted on an Alienware M18x laptop with Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 2670M and Haswell Core i7 4800MQ quad core processors that run at 2.2 GHz and 2.7 GHz clock speeds respectively.

The 3D MARK 11 and 3D MARK VANTAGE benchmark results are out of this world with the Nvidia GTX 780M scoring at par with the AMD Radeon HD 7970 which is a desktop CPU.

Last month, Asus introduced a new ROG series, G750JX, G750JH, G750JW with these GPUs.


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