Gigabyte and MSI launch Nvidia 1030 dedicated graphics card

Nvidia has announced the availability of GeForce GT 1030 graphics card which is now the cheapest one of the Nvidia Pascal range. On the same day, Gigabyte Japan and MSI Japan have released their variants of the GPU.

MSI GeForce GT 1030 AERO ITX 2 G OC

The lowest model known by the codename “GP108-300”. The number of CUDA cores is 384, which is the smallest series in the series. Kepler’s GeForce GT 730 has occupied this market for a long time, but it seems to replace it.

Until now the lowest and cheapest Nvidia pascal graphics card was the 1050 which is already being used in many laptops with graphics card in Japan with Dell i5577 being the top seller. With the release of Nvidia 1030 dedicated graphics card, a lot will change. The prices of Nvidia Pascal equipped laptops will come down considerably as this Nvidia GPU will retail at a much lower price tag which will allow laptop manufactures to make cheaper laptops.


The core clock is 1,227 MHz, the boost clock is 1,468 MHz, the memory is GDDR 5, the capacity is 2 GB, the clock is 6,008 MHz, and so on. These clocks differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. TDP is 30 watts.

Price of the Nvidia 1030 graphics cards for PCs is between 9000-10000 yen.

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