Hulu on Galaxy Tab 10.1

Galaxy Tab runs Honeycomb version of Android and every Android phone is fully flash compatible. You are able to view Flash content inside the web browser, something iPad users have been yearning to do from past two years. Yes, there have been many workarounds, including installing Frash.deb file but still Flash does not works as good as it works on the Galaxy Tab. Follow these instructions on how to get Hulu working on the Galaxy Tab.


First, uninstall Flash if you had earlier installed. Then get the BRdizzled flash version (download from the bottom of this post) which is similar to Adobe’s flash but is tweaked to make use of Nvidia Tegra’s hardware acceleration. Then open the web browser and type in about:debug and press enter.

Then open settings and go to the debug option and change the UA string to desktop. Now, all you need to do is restart the Galaxy Tab and open the web browser again. You will now be able to watch hulu on your Galaxy Tab.

Download Tweaked plugin – link

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