WordDigest for iPhone and iPod Touch

WordDigest is an English dictionary, Thesaurus and Spell Checker app for iPhone and iPod touch released by a Global Delight software house. Let’s take a quick look at its features:

  • Dictionary containing more than 147,000 words
  • IPA pronunciations for 87,000 words
  • Built-in hyperlinked thesaurus for more than 28,000 words
  • Built-in hyperlinked intelligent spell checker
  • Set bookmarks to favorite words
  • History of previously searched words
  • Built-in Web search for Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Answers.com
  • Option to show the etymology (word origin) for a word. This feature requires active Internet connection.
  • Option to alter the text size

There are many dictionary applications out there for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but what makes this application great is that as-soon-as you start typing the word, it displays the matches dynamically as we input characters. When you click on a word, it opens the dictionary and shows its meaning.

If there is a Thesaurus entry for a word, you can view it by selecting the ‘T’ button on the top of the screen. In the above sceenshot, it is disabled as there is no Thesaurus entry for theĀ  word ‘ipod’ in the database.

Spell Check feature is also bundled along with the application.

Here is a screenshot from the settings page:

Some other nice goodies include support for bookmarking the words and access to Etymology (Internet connection required for this feature).


  • Easy to use interface
  • Dynamic text filter
  • Dictionary, Thesaurus and spell check in one package
  • Huge database
  • Access to online Etymology
  • Words can be saved as bookmarks for later reference
  • Cheap ($1.99)


  • Displaying a word in dictionary can take upto 5 seconds sometimes

You can buy WordDigest from AppStore for $1.99.

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