Sims 3 review (for iPhone and iPod Touch)

Electronic Arts has released some of the best games for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. To name a few, Need for Speed Undercover and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Now, they have come up with another top notch game, Sims 3.

The Sims game has made a lot of buzz in the PC game world and we are pretty sure that it would liked by people and sell as-well-as Need for Speed Undercover, if not better.

Features of Sims 3:

  • Create, control, and explore with The Sims using your iPhone & iPod touch!
  • Experience stunning, 3D open-world environments
  • Edgy camera angles render a provocative, realistic experience
  • Customize your Sims with a variety of personality traits and physical characteristics
  • Enjoy more clothing and accessory options with the Create-A-Sim feature
  • Fulfill your Sims needs and increase the amount of activities available to them
  • Unlock 73 goals & wishes for your Sims to help them self-actualize
  • With no definitive ending, enjoy endless hours of entertainment!

We loved the fact that one can customize the character to a certain level. You can define your character’s clothing; skin color; shoes etc. Of course, you can select whether you wish to be a male or female. I, being a girl, loved choosing gender as male (for a change!) and selecting a spiky-hairstyle!

In  Sims 3, you have to properly ‘take good care’ of the character. Example: you must take to toilet once a day; make sure you take bath once a day; have food everyday; do enjoyment side-by-side and so on.

In the game, you can develop relationships with the members of same gender or opposite gender. When you are in the ‘budding romance’ stage or ‘dating’ stage, you can even give ‘hot smooch’ to each other!

Final Verdict

The Sims 3 is a great game to kill time. It gives typical ‘EA experience’, which is great. Overall, EA has done a fantastic job of porting their PC game to iPhone and iPod Touch. We recommend it.

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[Official Product page]

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