Need For Speed Undercover for iPhone and iPod Touch Review and Cheats

iPhone and iPod Touch users have been waiting for this from past so many months and finally EA has released it. We have been playing with this game on and on because it looks so stunning and gameplay is awesome!

The game costs $9.99, which is pretty steep for an iPhone app, but it is totally worth every penny. Here are few points which justify its price:

  • It has the best graphics for a  game app
  • It is the easiest to play
  • It has the best redering engine
  • You can customize the cars
  • It is from EA!

However, there were few odd things about this game. Like, making changes in the suspension does not make any changes while driving the car. Also, there is no “quick race” mode. You MUST unlock all the levels.

What was missing?

  • No Ferrari models
  • Not many drag races
  • No multiplayer
  • Only 3 music tracks (unlike PC version, which has many)

Here is the video of game in action!


To use this cheat, you must  have cydia on your device.

In Cydia, add this repository

After adding it, downlaod the two Need For Speed files. That will unlock two cars and will also give you 5 million dollars, which is more than enough to buy everything!

iTunes Store link

Official webpage


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