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Kobo Vox is a great little 200 Android eReader / tablet that is only being marketed as an eBook reader. That holds true since Kobo decided not to let its users enjoy the plethora of amazing applications available on the Android marketplace. Instead, Vox comes with Kobo’s own book store and GetJar app store that gives you access to certain apps for your eReader. However, thanks to an xda-developer member, it is now possible to root; install Android marketplace and get access to apps like Quick Office that will make it even more useful. Here are the steps on how to do it.

Kobo vox root kindle marketplace

First, download the two files given at the bottom of this paragraph and unzip both of them. You will find a file called Gingerbreak.apk. Run it. After reboot, run stericson.busybox.apk. Reboot again, run GoogleServicesFramework.apk, then vending.apk and then, NetworkLocation.apk. To install kindle app on your Vox, run kindle205103970165.apk and to install Quick Office, run Quickoffice-Tablet-1.0.1.apk.

After following the aforementioned steps, you will not only have a rooted Kobo Vox, but will also have the ability to install anything from Google Android marketplace.

Some users have complained that the marketplace is half functioning and crashes sometimes. The solution is to have the Vending.apk file located in /system/app. For this you must be rooted (which is done by the Gingerbreak.apk mentioned in the steps given above). Be sure to set the permissions properly, (644). You should move the installed market (com.google.vending-1.apk) to /system/app and rename it to Vending.apk. Clear the data and then restart again. After this, the Android market will start working. You can download the latest android market version from here.

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