Rockchip RK3288C Benchmark, good enough for Chrome

We had a chance to test the performance of the Rockchip RK3288C processor on the Asus Flip C100PA. Since this Asus laptop runs Chromium operating system on ARM architecture, we could only run Google Octane on it.

Rockchip RK3288C benchmark

Google Octane 2.0 score on Rockchip RK3288C is 7519. Interestingly, its Javascript score is little faster than Cherry Trail and Braswell.

Of course, when a laptop manufacture opts for an ARM based processor, you know that it is going to do great in the battery life department and Rockchip RK3288C is no exception. With brightness and volume levels set to 50 percent with YouTube video playing at full screen, we were able to get nearly 10 hours of runtime.

While some Intel Atom based machines claim to have ten hour battery life, only a few Windows 10 laptops can even yield six hours or more. Not to mention, the Asus Flip C100PA weighs mere 890 grams and packs touchscreen too, allowing user to use it as slate tablet.

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