Core i7 3970X Benchmark

On November 12, 2012, Intel released Intel Core i7 3970X processor, which has a rated operation clock speed of 3.5GHz and is capable of reaching 4.0GHz when its turbo boost mode is activated. The i7 3970X is hexa core, meaning it has 6 cores that are capable of handling upto 12 threads simultaneously. The CPU is accompanied by 15MB of L3 cache and is manufactured using 32nm manufacturing process. Since it is a desktop CPU, its TDP on the higher end – 150 watts. Here are its benchmark results:

Core i7 3970X Benchmark

We tested this CPU with this configuration:

1) Intel DX79SR motherboard
2) 4x 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
3) AMD Radeon HD 7970 GPU
4) Full HD display
5) Windows 8 Pro 64 bit operating system

In the Sandra 2013 benchmark test (Processor Arithmetic / Processor Multi-Media), we got 405.59 in Multi-media float and 231.12 in multi media double test.

PCMark 05 benchmark (single tasking) – (vs i7 3960X)
a) file compression – 19.955 MB/s (vs 19.516)
b) file decompression – 253.225 MB/s (vs 249.431)
c) file encryption – 123.505 (vs 121.442)
d) image decryption – 118.738 (vs 117.699)

Cinebench R10 benchmark (vs i7 3960X)
a) Rendering (single CPU) – 6506 (vs 6358)
b) Rendering (multiple CPU) – 32466 (vs 32131)

PCMARK 7 benchmark (vs i7 3960X) – 3221 vs 3128


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