Atom Z2420 Benchmark

The Intel Atom Z2420 is the successor to the Atom Z2460 that we benchmarked few months back. The Atom Z2420 runs at 1.2GHz clock speed. When idle, it underclocks to 600MHz to prolong battery life.

Atom Z2420 Benchmark

This processor was spotted in Asus ME371MG, more popularly known as Asus FonePad. Here are Atom Z2420 benchmark results.

1) GLbenchmark 2.5 Egypt HD OFFSCREEN 1080p – 913 frames (8.1 FPS)
2) GLbenchmark 2.1 Egypt Classic ONSCREEN – 4861 frames (43.0 FPS)

Atom Z2420 vs z2460
The Atom Z2460 runs at 1.3GHz in normal conditions, which makes it 100MHz faster than Z2420. Check out Atom Z2460 benchmark.

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