Apple TV 4.4.3 Windows, Mac Jailbreak

Apple released 4.4.3 update for the Apple TV. We have a good news for those who wanted to jailbreak as folks at seasonpass have released an updated version of their app that lets you jailbreak it.

Apple TV 4.4.3 Windows, Mac Jailbreak

However, the jailbreak is tethered, which means that if is shut down or restarted, you will have to do the tethered boot steps again. Before we start, here are the things / apps you will need:

1) Latest version of iTunes
2) Seasonpass [Mac, Windows]
3) Micro USB cable

Install Seasonpass and start it. Click on create IPSW while holding the option key / shift key. Now, connect Apple TV via micro USB cable, but do not attach the power cable.


You will now be asked to put it into DFU mode. You can do that by pressing the Menu and Play button together on its remote for 7 seconds.


It will now do the restore process.


Now, since it is a tethered jailbreak, start seasonpass and select "Boot Tethered" button. Connect your Apple TV again without attaching the power cable. You will now the light flashing on the Apple TV. Connect the power cable now.


Put it into DFU mode again (Menu+Play button on Apple TV remote). It will now boot it. Disconnect it.

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