iMac 2011 vs iMac 2010

Apple iMac 2011 series sports the Intel’s second generation quad core processors but the main highlight is the inclusion of Intel’s Thunderbolt technology that also made its way to the Macbook Pro notebooks. The iMac update was anticipated when Apple refreshed its Mac range last year (July 2010). iMacs now come with Core i5 processor (yes, there is no Core i3 iMac) and the buyers have the choice to up to Core i7 quad core processor by adding in 200 dollars.


Core i5 come in two variations – one comes with 2.5GHz and another one 2.7GHz. Apple is also offering a Core i7 variant –  Core i7 2600 which surpasses Core i7 870, which was there in top-of-the-line iMac.

imac_2011_vs_2010 (lower = better)

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