T-Mobile G1 – HTC car charger review

Androidcentral has done a review of Tmobile g1’s car charger made by HTC. Here is what they have to say other than giving it a a 5/5 rating:

For only $19.95, the HTC Car Charger for T-Mobile G1 is a useful, quality product that stands head and shoulders above the cheap knock-off chargers that are out there which are sold at close to the same price. The design is attractive with the bluish power indicator, and the flexible cord is a great design for use in a car when you don’t want a long cable that can get tangled up. If you spend a lot of time in your car away from any wall sockets to charge your G1, or if you just want to top off your battery during your morning or evening commute, you can’t go wrong with the HTC Car Charger.

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