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When you’re on the search for a new phone or just a replacement while yours is in the shop, it can be a nightmare as pushy salespeople try to get you to go with their network or point out the most expensive price plan and insist that this is exactly what you’re looking for. Protesting that you don’t think it’s suitable or that you merely want something that will allow you to keep in touch until you get your own handset back usually seem to fall on deaf ears. To save time, probably money and definitely your sanity, have a look online. Read our tmobile galaxy s3 review.

Phones for you deals notebook

We all know about those stores that are not loyal to any particular network, that won’t try to get you to buy the overpriced handset that will have an ‘upgraded’ version available in a month and that will be able to offer advice based on what you are looking for from your mobile. Phones 4 U are one of the best as the salespeople know their stuff, there’s always a wide selection of handsets available and if you decide to shop from the comfort of your own home, the website is user friendly and has all the information you might need to select the phone that will suit your lifestyle best. There’s a place where you can compare smartphones, deals where you receive a free gift with your new handset and even the latest phones available to order as soon as they hit the shelves. Impress everyone by being one of the first to have that great new device that they’re all talking about.

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade and renewal of your contract or a pay as you go deal that won’t break the bank, Phones 4 U will have something for everyone.

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