Maxwell MPC-CAC11400BK External Battery can Charge Laptop, Phone, Tablet

Hitachi Maxwell Ltd has released MPC-CAC11400BK, a rechargeable mobile battery that is capable of charging everything from a laptop PC, phone, tablet etc. It contains a built in lithium ion battery with capacity of 11400 mAh with maximum output of 65 watts.

Maxwell MPC-CAC11400BK External Battery

The laptop PC can be charged by connecting directly to its outlet plug. It shall be noted that laptop PC that requires higher than 65 watts is not supported, so unless you are using a gaming laptop, there should not be any problem.

Maxwell MPC-CAC11400BK

Charging time of the Maxwell MPC-CAC11400BK is about three hours and it can be charged well over 500 times. The maximum output of the USB side is 2.4A / 5V.


Body size is 95 × 148 × 34mm (width × depth × height) and weighs about 595 grams. It is equipped with an LED indicator that shows the amount of charge stored in it. You can find access to the USB by opening the lid.

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