Logitech M546 Review–Small wireless mouse with 7 buttons

Logitech is very popular for its wired and wireless mice like Logitech M90, M525 and so on but there has not been a compact wireless with myriad buttons so far and that is why the company recently launched M546, a small wireless mouse with 7 buttons. Logitech is known as Logicool in Japan and here is Logitech M546 review.

Logitech M546 Review

Logitech M546 Review: Compact Mouse with 7 buttons

The M546 measures 58.5 × 102 × 38.35mm (width × depth × height) and easily fits into the palm of the hand. It weighs mere 95.5 grams and uses simple AA battery like the Logitech M215. You can read Logitech M215 review here.

Logitech M546 Reviews

Left and right click buttons are not too deep and not too shallow. At the time you hear good click sound when they are pressed.

Logicool options app

The buttons are customized using the Logicool options app and you can use it for assigning gestures too. Let us talk about the sensor – it is very powerful and you can use it on a wooden desk, transparent desk without any problems. However we suggest using mouse pad if you want to prolong battery life.
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